[TUTOR] Finding NCI Classes & Events

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NCI has daily classes/events held at their locations with times and a schedule routine.
To keep track of classes and attend them there are three choices:

1. Go to one of the NCI locations and look at the big schedule board.

2. Join the New Citizens Inc or the NCI Alumni Association group and get announcements on classes and events (tutorial on this soon to come!)

3. See the classes/events in SEARCH:

Open your SEARCH tool from the bottom of your Second Life viewer.

Go to the EVENTS tab.

Type ‘NCI’ in the searching field and hit ENTER.

Find the class you want to attend and click on “Notify” to be notified 5 minutes before class and get a teleport to the classroom.

If you are looking for NCI events specificly or NCI classes specificly, just type in the searching field ‘NCI Class’ or for events ‘NCI Event’.

(This is an unofficial tutorial for finding NCI classes—made for faster and easier directions for new residents)


Second Life Connects OpenSim – IBM & Linden Lab

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Yes you heard it right! IBM and Linden Lab worked together and now we can teleport from Second Life to OpenSim! Click here to see the real article from the Second Life Blog – don’t forget to see Torley’s video! :D

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