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I’ve been blogging with WordPress for some time now. I’m no expert… but when it comes to features that makes our WordPress experience better and easier, there are some tricks that I can point out.
When you have a blog at WordPress, the MOST important thing to take in mind is your readers.
If your blog is for example, messy, disordered, too many media, hard to load and/or laggy.. This tutorial might help you!

Step by step I will tell you how to get rid of those awful and laggy windows that appear when your mouse is pointing at:

Yes, those!

First of all, go to your WordPress page (or any WordPress page) and click on “My Dashboard” from the account bar:

Then from there, go to the “Design” section. In there, click on “Extras“. Uncheck “Enable Snap Shots on this blog“.

Update Extras and visit your un-laggy site once and for all! Yay!

There you have it, I hope this did improve your blogging experience. :)



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