I was born to Second Life on March 12, 2007.
When I started everything seemed very blurry and I was very confused. There was also a weird bug on my computer that made everything yellow – so I did not see avatars good nor anything else in my first months. Then I upgraded my computer and it all was so colorful and pretty, I started really enjoying it here :)

Also in my first weeks I hanged out at a welcome area and not a very calm one at that. There were griefers there on daily basis. I remember myself flying in the air a thousand miles and not knowing what-how-when. Orbitters were different back then, it was before Havok 4. I had no idea what to do, I didn’t know how to teleport out. I was completely clueless.

After a while, I learned how to use the teleportation. I arrived at NCI (New Citizens Incorporated) at Kuula. I mainly used NCI’s sandbox to make avatars, there I made my first one. I remember Fox Hwasung helping me with the invisiprim script to make my digi-legs. Kuula is my SL childhood home and I haven’t left it since.

I have met some really good people along the way here in SL, I learned from them a lot. I also know lots of people that are now very close friends. Without them I would never have stayed.

Though when good things come sometimes bad things come too. In SL there is a common term named “drama”. It took me a very long time to understand it, because I have not experienced it, till a few months later. When people say or do bad things there is no way to avoid from getting hurt. We all have feelings here. We’re not robots.

I been exploring and traveling most lovely places made by the SL residents and I am always amazed by the great artwork they create. Some places even became my regular “hanging out” spots. I am still exploring places (yes, SL is huge!) and I have pictures of them in my flickr album. I have been on flickr since May, 2008 and I take all kinds of photos.

This is my a website where I blog about things that happen and tutorials for SL residents (blackiedagger.wordpress.com).
All along the way I loved helping residents of SL, even when I started. If there was a topic that I could help with, I would – it always makes me happy.
Now that I’m more experienced and I have more topics to help with I have created this website where all people can read, enjoy & learn!

I’m Female.


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