NCI TGIF Party @ Duchy of Nova Civis – (15-8-08)

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NCI’s weekly weekend TGIF party, at Duchy of Nova Civis Caledon. Hosted by Wellington Beam. Within the Event there are dancing, toob racing, talking, and most importantly; having lots of fun!

As always, when I come to this event, I take pictures of fun things that happen! :)

Newbie Toob Race
Observing the Newbie Toob Race

Raymond & Epsilon
The race has begon – Malaita is in the lead!
Watching the Newbie Toob race finishers

Dancing after the Newbie Toob race, waiting for the winner results!
The Oldbie Toob Race! (Couldn’t take a picture of the race itself because I was racing myself). :D
Dancing after the Oldbie Toob race. Everyone showing off their horses. (I only had a cowboy hat). :)

Caught Wellington dancing some moves :)
Wellington & Malaita

Thanks to Wellington Beam and NCI for hosting this fun event! Brings the fun to the weekend!


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