NCI TGIF Party @ Duchy of Nova Civis – (15-8-08)

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NCI’s weekly weekend TGIF party, at Duchy of Nova Civis Caledon. Hosted by Wellington Beam. Within the Event there are dancing, toob racing, talking, and most importantly; having lots of fun!

As always, when I come to this event, I take pictures of fun things that happen! :)

Newbie Toob Race
Observing the Newbie Toob Race

Raymond & Epsilon
The race has begon – Malaita is in the lead!
Watching the Newbie Toob race finishers

Dancing after the Newbie Toob race, waiting for the winner results!
The Oldbie Toob Race! (Couldn’t take a picture of the race itself because I was racing myself). :D
Dancing after the Oldbie Toob race. Everyone showing off their horses. (I only had a cowboy hat). :)

Caught Wellington dancing some moves :)
Wellington & Malaita

Thanks to Wellington Beam and NCI for hosting this fun event! Brings the fun to the weekend!


[TUTOR] Disable from going AFK

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Annoyed from going AFK and then being logged off all the time when you leave Second Life alone? There is a solution for that not to happen!

Go to Advanced menu by hitting CTRL+ALT+D on your keyboard. Then Character -> Character Tests -> Go Away/AFK When Idle.

Or a less easier way is via “Debug Settings…”, type in the field “AllowIdleAFK”. Now set it to “FALSE”.

Blackie Portrait Painting (ArtRage)

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Blackie Portrait Painting (ArtRage), originally uploaded by ßlackie.

A sketchy portrait of me, made with ArtRage.

[TUTOR] How to unpack boxed items

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If you have got an item that is “boxed”, then it means the real items are in the Contents tab. How do you get them?

Go to your Inventory (The icon at the bottom of the screen, next to Mini-Map).

Under Objects folder, you can see your boxed item. Select that item and simply drag it to the ground.

Now that you have rezzed your boxed item; right click from the pie menu and choose “Open”. Now copy the items to your Inventory.

Open your Inventory window and under “My Inventory” you can find your items. E.g. If it’s just an object, you can find it under Objects folder. If it’s just an animation, you can find it under Animations folder, and so on. But if it’s a whole folder, you will see it under “My Inventory” in its own folder.

Have fun!

NCI TGIF Party – 8/8/08

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Another week, another TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) Party!

This Friday a LOT of people came, the Newbie Toob (age: have to be under 120 days) race was SWARMING with folks – Likewise for the Oldbie Toob race (age: 120 days and higher)!

TGIF host is Wellington Beam, aka; Woolly. Was hold at NCI – Duchy of Nova Civis, Caledon.

Here are this Friday’s pictures.

TGIF Party beginning (SO MANY PEOPLE! OMG!)
TGIF Newbie Toob Race! GO Newbie-Toobies!
Watching the Newbie Toob race and cheering for them! :D

TGIF Oldbie Toob race!
TGIF Oldbie Toob race!

TGIF Oldbie Toob race!
NCI Oldbie Toob race!

Dancing at the TGIF Party
Raymond won the Oldbie Toob race!


[TUTOR] How do I see where people are?

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Looking for people but cannot find them? Or you don’t know if there are people next to you?

In Second Life you can find people (aka; avatars) that are near you through the Mini-Map or the big Map, where you can see more than the sim you’re in.

What are the avatars? The avatars have a green icon. That looks like this.

You can’t see these icons? Go to the big Map, and see if you have the Person section checked.

This is a good method to use if you are attending an event, but the landmark did not really teleport you to the right spot and you want to find where it is held.

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