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One of tabs in the Build tool, the *General* tab. What is the General tab? How is it useful? – The General tab is where you name your object, give it a description, add permissions, sell it, and more.

First, click on the Build tool at the bottom of your viewer…

Meet the Build tool (If you cannot see the options below, click on “More >>”…

This is where it ALL happens. The Build tool IS the most important tool in Second Life, this is what makes Second Life content user created (halfly)! All the houses, trees, buildings, structures, plants, pets, cubes, prim clothing.. all those and more are made with the Build tool. The building blocks of Second Life are called “prims”, which is short for “primitive object”. That also explains your Objects folder in the Inventory.


Onward, let’s make a prim: Click on any prim that you want and click on the ground. I made a prim box for example…

Now our General tab is available, let’s get back to it…

Name section: Give your object a name (e.g. Bob). After you name the object, other people can go to Edit mode (AKA; Build mode) and see the name on the prim also in General tab. When you take the object to your Inventory the object will show up in there as the name you named it…

Description section: Give your object a short description (Optional). E.g. “This object was made for a tutorial”…

Creator section: Where the name of the creator shows and where you can see their profile. The creator is who made the prim…

Owner section: The owner of the object who rezzed it – was given the object by the creator or anyone else that had the object. Every time you rez an object that you didn’t make, the name of the creator will show and so does yours in the Owner section and people can go and see your profile…

Group section: If you want to share the object with a group. Click on the “Set..” button to set a group. For example, I put New Citizens Inc. This doesn’t mean that the people in the group can modify the object yet! This only just means that if you are on group-owned land and you want to put an object that won’t get auto-returned…

Object Count section: This is where it tells you how many prims are in the object, if the object is linked to others. 1 Object, 1 Prim means it is a object with one prim. If it says 1 Objects, 10 Prim means there are 10 prims linked to the object…

Permissions section: Here you can put other features to your object, such as; selling the object, or sharing the object with a group…

Share with group: After you chose a group, you can make it a group-owned object by checking the “Share with group” option, or even deeding the whole object by clicking on the “Deede…” option. Deeding is usually if you want the group to have 100% control of the object, means they can do everything with it (only if they group allows to deede!)…

Allow anyone to move: You can let other people move your object when they are in Edit mode…

Allow anyone to copy: You can let other people take a copy of your object (right click -> More -> Take Copy)…

Show in search: You can make your object show in the Search, if you have the parcel listed in Places tab…

For Sale: You can sell your object for L$ (Linden dollars).

Price: Set a price for your object (L$).

Original: Sell the real object.

Copy: Sell a copy of the object.

Contents: Sell the items from the Contents tab.

Next owner can section: This is where your give permissions for the next owner.

Modify: Let the next owner have the ability to change the object.

Copy: Let the next owner have he ability to copy (duplicate) the object.

Resell/Giveaway: Let the next owner have the ability to transfer the object to someone else.

When Left-Clicked section: This is where you can set features when a person left-clicks on the object.

Touch/grab (default): The default option that does nothing.

Sit on object: If a person left-clicks on the object they will automatically be seated.

Buy object: When people left-click on the object they will get a buying window (object has to be for sale).

Pay object: This is a special option if you want people to donate money, or buy items in a vending way.

Open: When you left-click you will automatically get the Open window (shows you what is in the Contents tab).

Play parcel media: When people left-click on the object the object will play the parcel’s media (if the parcel has media enabled).

Open parcel media: When people left-click on the object with the media, their browser will open with where the media comes from.


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