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July 14, 2008 at 4:12 pm | Posted in » General | 3 Comments
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Torley (the great-awesomeness) showed us the ArtRage tool.  In ArtRage you can paint and draw, and it all looks so realistic! Here’s Torley‘s video:

The video just says it all, it’s so cool! :D

Here’s what I made with ArtRage with my first attemps:

More info on him @ my Flickr photostream.



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  1. Thanks for the tip about smilies! :)

    I loooove Flaff <3 <3

    ArtRage is awesome, I’ve been playing with it for a couple days now :)

  2. […] can also be found in the previous post – ArtRage Software – Second Life Blog. This is my very *first* painting of Flaff with […]

  3. aww, thank you Lorimae!
    yes, ArtRage is just great. I’m looking forward with working it in. :P

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