Happy 5th Birthday, Second Life!

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Yesterday (June 23rd) was Second Lifes 5th birthday!

Philip and M Linden gave a speech at the main Second Life Birthday region. I didn’t make it to the speech, but I saw it later on the Second Life blog that Torley filmed.


Here’s my thoughts as a resident:

I first started in Second Life in late 2006. Today we see lots of amazing stuff that didn’t exist then. I remember when I started there were only 600,000 registered (10,000 of them really active, less even!). I spent some time in really horrible sims, griefers everywhere and no one really came up and tried to help me. There were no mentors nor helpers at the welcome areas. No one told us about educational places such at New Citizens Inc. So seeing Second Life now, with all the things that have changed and improved is really amazing. And when I say to helpers at NCI and to mentors that they are appreciated, I am not kidding about it.


I took a few snapshots of the exhibits at the SL5B regions. Residents made some beautiful things!

This is the Greenies Rezzable exhibit at SL5B Ruthed.


More of my SL5B snapshots on Flickr, click here to see my set!


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