How To Add Snapshot To Flickr / Adding Snapshot To Group – Tutorial

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Before thinking of adding any picture to Flickr, you need to make a Flickr account. Flickr sign up / sign in is via Yahoo!

If you already have a Yahoo! account, just go to the “Sign Up” section on the Flickr website. It won’t ask you any questions. Only to verify and login to your Yahoo! account.

After you’ve made your account you can change your name at any time. You can also change your account’s info – such as making another Email address.


You can find all your images at My Computer. I personally like to keep all my Second Life images at one folder like My Pictures and put a “Second Life” folder in there.


(I suggest editing your pictures in Gimp, but Photoshop is also an option, though it’s expensive. Gimp has the same options as Photoshop. And maybe even much easier than Photoshop. I’m telling you this because if you don’t have a “Pro” account on Flickr you have a limited storage – which means you can upload up to 100MB a month! So with Gimp you can edit your images and make them JPEG – saves better and takes less storage. BMP is the default saving file in Second Life, and when you upload a BMP file it takes a looooong time and takes a lot from your storage. Saving it as JPEG is like a way around that, you can almost have no limitation on storage like that. – I will tell more info about how to make the photo in JPEG later).


Now that we’re on the Flickr page. Go to the “You menu and choose “Upload Photos and Videos“. Then you will get this following page that says: Step 1: Upload Photos – click on that when it gets highlighted in blue. Choose the pictures you want to upload (Might be easier if you choose “Thumnails” in the “View” menu). You can also add more images if you click the “Add” button.

After the uploading is finished you can add a description to your photos.

Don’t worry if you saved your description not right. Changing the title / description in Flickr is very easy! While you’re at your photostream, click on the title or description, change it, and hit “Save“.


To add a picture to a Flickr group you need to join the group first. Go to the group’s Flickr page and click on the “Join This Group” option at the upper right of the page.

After you’ve joined the group, go to the photo you want to add from your photostream and choose from the upper options “Send to Group“. Now you will get a slider with the groups you are in, choose the group that you want to add the photo to and click “OK“.


To make a picture a JPEG file, go to the location your photo is at from My Computer. Open the Gimp tool and simply drag the picture to the Gimp’s toolbar.

Go to File menu and choose “Save As…“, in the “Select File Type” choose JPEG and hit “Save“.



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