How To Make a Gesture – Tutorial

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Wondered how people make sounds and even dance? Gesture is the answer!

What is a gesture?: A gesture is a form of non-verbal communication made with a part of the body, used instead of or in combination with verbal communication.


First go to your Inventory, then go to the “Gestures” folder. Right click on the folder and choose “New Gesture”. After a few seconds (or less!) you will get the gesture’s window. Which will look like this:

(This is the default gesture, a wave and a sound).

After we’ve deleted all the default lines. We make a new gesture and we will start with “Animations”.

What is an animation? Animation is the rapid display of a sequence of images of 2-D or 3-D artwork or model positions in order to create an illusion of movement. You can find your animations in your Inventory under the folder “Animations” – If you want to add an animation to the gesture it must have full permission (Copy/Modify/Transfer). You make animations of your own by using out-world tools, such as: QAvimator, Avimator, Poser.

Click on the “Add” button to add a new animation. Now you will get this slider:

You need to choose from your animation in your Inventory. I took for example the basic default “Laugh” animation that can be found in any Inventory.

Next will will add a sound to our gesture:

You can find your sounds in your Inventory under the “Sounds” folder. You can make your own sounds by using out-world tools such as: Audacity. The sound has to be full permission (Copy/Modify/Transfer) to be add to the gesture. Click the “Add” button to add a new sound. Now you will get this slider:

I chose a sound from my Inventory called “Dopefish”.

Next we will add a chat line. Select the “Chat” option and then click the “Add” to add a new chat line:

You will get a white box. Type the line you want to add to the gesture and then hit ENTER save the line:

Next we will add a “Wait”. “Wait” is very important, you need to put a “Wait” between every line that you make so the gesture will work properly. Select the “Wait” option and then click “Add” to add a new wait.

You will get now these options:

You can set time steps by seconds or until animations are done. But now we will choose with seconds:

I set 5.0 seconds waiting.

Next we will need to move the chat line upwards. Select the chat line and click “Move Up”. Every time you click “Move Up” it will move up in only one row.

Now we’ve put it to the top of the list:

Next we can move it downwards by the “Move Down” button:

Next we will give our gesture a description. A description is good if you want the next owner to know what the gesture does/what is it about.

Now we will give our gesture a trigger. A trigger is for fast use of the gesture. Usually it’s good to put a “/” before the text, if somehow you type it wrong or you want it silent with no typing. It also auto completes itself when you have “/” before the line.

Or you can use the “Replace with”. The “Replace with” is good when you want to write a line, but you want it to say something else. Or it to be invisible. Like here when I wrote “a” and “b”, which will show only the “b”.

You can also add shortcut keys to your gesture for faster effects. I put for example SHIFT+F10:

If you do not like one of your steps, you can always delete them by selecting one of them and clicking “Remove”:

Now we have deleted one of our steps:

After we’ve finished our gesture we will need to save it. Click the “Save” button:

Next you can see a preview of your gesture. Click the “Preview” button:

There you have it, your first gesture! Remember: The gesture has to be activated to be played.


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