Search Tool Explanation – Tutorial

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Every time you’re in Second Life, you’re always seeing that “Search” button.

What does it do? How is it useful?

Click on the Search tool. You can see there are several tabs:



GROUPS: Residents can have a guild, club, group of their own. You can make a group for people of the same interest, or to hold administration on land. With this engine you can find groups to join.

PEOPLE: You can search for a person and see their profile. This is useful if you’re not near the person and you want to IM/send a teleport/add as a friend/pay or anything.

PLACES: You can list your parcel in here for people to find.

LAND SALES: Residents and can sell land on their estate. Can be from a small peace of an island to a whole region. You can also find mainlands for sale sold by the Lindens (or Residents).

SHOWCASE: The Showcase section on Second Life is an editorially-managed area that highlights some of the best in-world venues and locations that might be of interest to new and existing Residents. This is the place to go to explore and discover some of the exciting user-created locations in Second Life.

EVENTS: Events listed by Residents of Second Life. Note: Adding events is only via Second Life website -> Community -> Events.

CLASSIFIEDS: Residents can advertise their business in Search, so that other people can find it.

ALL: All search engines, only in one.


How To Make a Beautiful Picture In-World – Tutorial©

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Ever wanted to make a beautiful picture in-world without editing it in Gimp or Photoshop?


I came up with a solution:

Login to Second Life and teleport to the location you want to take your picture. Remember: It has to be “Build” enabled.

Once you have found the place. Right click on the ground and choose: “Create”. Rez on the ground a primitive box:

Then go to the “Texture” tab. Set “Texture” to be “Blank”:

Set “Color” to Yellow (default):

Set the “Transparency” to 85:

Set “Glow” to 0.20:

Now go to “Object” tab and set these to the size section: X: 5.000, Y: 0.500, Z: 5.000:

Move the prim (by the arrow keys) to the place you want to take your picture. Rotating it to head to the direction. Zoom onto the prim by holding the ALT key:

Take a snapshot and upload it in-world! :D

Here is an example of a picture I took with this method at Straylight:

I came up with this idea myself, took me a long time to find this out. So please respect copyrights to this tutorial. Thanks.

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